Here are some tips on what to do in Karlstad

Karlstad is a beautiful city that you must see at some point in your life. Karlstad has a rich cultural life and there is so much to see and experience here. We have some tips on what to do in Karlstad.

Karlstad is Sweden’s 20th largest urban area. The city is located on the upper side of Lake Vänern, which is Sweden’s largest lake. The Klarälven delta where the river meanders through the city in many places and divides into eight larger branches before it empties into Lake Vänern.

Three tips on what to do in Karlstad with children

Tips1 – Mariebergskogen

Mariebergsskogen is a wonderful city park for the whole family, loaded with activities. In Mariebergsskogen you will find everything from a playground and a zoo to an open-air museum, nature and tour. In addition, you can play mini golf, swim in Lake Vänern, go on a treasure hunt and troll walk.

Lillskogen is Mariebergsskogen’s zoo, where Swedish landraces of all kinds live. Cows, ponies, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and ducks are waiting for your visit. The hens go free and bounce in the gravel on the stable hill.

In Mariebergsskogen there are several fun playgrounds where children can climb, jump, run and play. In the upper playground you will find, among other things, cable car, detached houses and swings.

During the summer, the Conrad Höök tour train runs in the park. Through a guided tour you can discover the beautiful nature with Lillskogen with all the animals.

Tips2 – Sundstabadet

Sundstabadet in central Karlstad there is something for everyone. In the experience course, the whole family can play with slides, climbing wall, lagoons and waterfalls. There is also a children’s section with several pools with warmer water for the little ones. Sundstabadet is a real experience for the children.

In the Big Blue slide, you can ride in a yellow ring or with someone in a blue double ring. In the slide Black case, you ride without a ring on time and get points for the number of light points you have time to touch on the way down.

Tip3 – High & Low Climbing Park

In the beautiful Skutberget in Karlstad is Högt & Lågt Klätterpark, which consists of several different high-altitude courses with a wide selection of difficulty levels. Everyone can start at their own level. Grading starts with orange, which is the simplest course. This is followed by green, dark green and blue. Red is the most difficult course. In the climbing park you get to experience an exciting adventure. This is a place where children and adults should be able to have equal fun together.

Three tips on what to do in Karlstad with an interest in art?

Vad man kan göra i Karlstad - Värmlands Museum

Tip1 – Värmlands Museum

Värmlands Museum is located on Sandgrundsudden in central Karlstad. In 2019, the museum reopened after an extensive renovation. The new building has seven facades in soft arched shapes, falu-red wood paneling and large window areas. The museum has a 2000 m exhibition space with a ceiling height of 6 m which provides unique conditions for exhibitions.

This is a museum where you can learn more about the cultural history of the landscape. Värmlandsliv is a permanent historical exhibition about people’s lives in the landscape for 10,000 years. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum annually shows about fifteen different temporary exhibitions that you can go and look at.

Tips2 – Sandgrund Lars Lerin

Sandgrund is an old restaurant building in Karlstad that was converted into a popular art gallery in 2012. The art gallery is next door to Värmlands Museum and Sandgrundsparken with a short walking distance from Karlstad center in a beautiful natural environment.

At Sandgrund Art Gallery you can see a permanent exhibition by Lars Lerin. There is also a guest exhibition room for exhibitions with works by other artists. The art gallery was awarded the Tourism Prize of the Year 2016.

Lars Lerin is considered one of the Nordic region’s foremost watercolor artists. He has exhibited in galleries and museums in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Germany and the United States. Lars Lerin is also a talented author. He has published more than 50 of his own books with his watercolors and his own melodic texts. One of his books is Naturlära, for which he won the August Prize.

Tips3 – Brigadmuseum

Brigadmuseum is an experience museum for those interested in military history. The basic exhibition is about the Cold War from 1945-1991. There you can squeeze, feel, listen, read and see how the Cold War affected Sweden.

Three tips on what to visit in Karlstad

Tip1 – The statue “Sola i Kallsta”

This is a statue of Eva-Lisa Holtz who ran her own inn in Karlstad in the 18th century. Through her exuberant mood and warm welcome, she became known as Sola in Karlstad.

The statue stands on the banks of the Klarälven river in central Karlstad and is a popular place among tourists.

The statue was made by the artist Herman Reijers, 1984. He wanted the aesthetic expression of the statue to convey the image of a woman with skin on her nose, resilient and independent with an inner strength.

Sola has become a symbol of Karlstad residents’ hospitality, happy mind and enterprising entrepreneurship.

Tip2 – Old Stone Bridge

There are many bridges in Karlstad, but one of them is the city’s most beautiful sights. The old stone bridge in Karlstad, also known as Östra bron or Store Bron, was Sweden’s longest bridge when it was built between 1761 and 1811. The bridge is 168 meters long with twelve beautiful arches and runs between the districts Haga and Norrstrand.

Tip3 – The cathedral in Karlstad

The cathedral is located in the middle of Karlstad about 100 meters from Stora torget. The history of the cathedral dates back to the 13th century. It is built with strong walls in building stone with details in brick. The church has been involved in several fires and renovations over the years. The church’s historical objects, beautiful windows and the cathedral tower offer an experience back in time.

Three practical tips

Tip1 – Current information

If you plan to travel to Karlstad, you will find more information ranging from exciting events to the city’s attractions on the website of Visit Värmland.

Tip2 – Hiking guide in Karlstad

One of Karlstad’s largest assets is the proximity to nature and the lakes. Do not miss to go out in nature for an exercise round on one of the city’s beautiful hiking trails.

Tip3 – Staying in a hotel

If you want to spend a few holiday days in Karlstad book your hotel room at Hotell Nova in Karlstad which offers you a modern and affordable accommodation with good service. The hotel has 38 homely rooms that have been carefully decorated in harmonious colors. Here you will find everything you need to feel at home.