Spring, sun, heat and a nice hotel in Karlstad!

In recent days, we have been visited by the real sun, which has spread its rays and warmed up the air. Nothing is as beautiful as Karlstad on a sunny spring day. Come here and discover the magical city then rest yourself in a nice hotel in Karlstad.

The sun for Karlstad means much more than the beloved heavenly body in the center of our solar system. Here are two interesting fragments of Karlstad’s history that show which dense connection the city has to the sun.

Eva-Lisa Holtz - Sola in Karlstad

Sunbathing in Karlstad

Karlstad residents are known for their warm and sunny mind. It is a legacy of the happy innkeeper Eva-Lisa Holtz who ran her own inn in Karlstad in the 18th century. Through her exuberant mood and warm reception she became widely known under the name Sola in Karlstad.

The symbol for Karlstad

The symbol for Karlstad municipality

When the children’s book illustrator Lasse Sandberg came to Karlstad in the 1950s, he started drawing happy suns because he thought the people had sun in their minds. One of these suns then became the symbol of Karlstad municipality. The happy sun shows that Karlstad is a slightly happier municipality where the inhabitants have a happy and open mind and where the sun shines a little more often than in many other places.

Karlstad deserves several days of your time to discover and enjoy properly. You can inform yourself about the city’s sights and activities on the website of Karlstad Municipality and on the Värmland official visitors page.

After you have already planned a program for your trip, there is nothing else to do than arrange a room at a nice hotel in Karlstad. Let’s make your choice easier!

guests judge - a nice Hotel in Karlstad

How our guests judge Hotel Nova in Karlstad

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