Hotel Nova in Karlstad is open all year round!

Hotel Nova is not the only one that is open all year round. On the contrary! Nowadays, it is a matter of course in the service industry to always be on duty.

However, the constant availability is necessary but not enough for our guests to enjoy themselves with us. Our ambition is to create an environment where our customers’ needs, both ordinary and special, will be addressed. Honestly, it is easier to talk about it than to implement because you have to meet many different personalities with different expectations.

According to our experience, we have gathered the three most common factors that can affect well-being when spending time in a hotel.

Location of the hotel

This is an external factor that the hotel cannot influence but regardless of where the building is located, some disadvantages usually emerge among the benefits because the people have different priorities regarding which area they would like to be in. Hotel Nova is located in the district of Våxnäs, which is located about 2 km from Karlstad city center and near the E18 at Trafikplats Våxnäsmotet.

Hotel Nova entrance
  • Our hotel is not located in the city center but it is quite easy to get to by car, bus or taxi.
  • However, the house is located near the E18, so it is very easy to reach the hotel from the motorway.
  • The building is located relatively far away from both the highway and other houses that make our rooms quite quiet.
  • One big advantage is that we have lots of free parking spaces.

Nice staff – good reception

Hotel Nova in Karlstad is a family business and does not belong to any hotel chain. We, the owners, who have many years of experience in the hotel industry, not only have managerial tasks but we are at the hotel every day to guide the staff in their daily work and to ensure that the guests enjoy their entire stay.

Good reception
  • Guests have genuine contact with the board.
  • The hotel has a dedicated staff.
  • Problem management takes place locally.
  • We constantly work for the customer’s satisfaction.

Fresh, clean and homely rooms

Hotel Nova is open from November 2017. Before the gates were opened, we completed a complete renovation in all premises. The hotel rooms have been carefully decorated in harmonious colors. Having a renewed hotel is fantastic but not enough for our guests to feel at home with us. Our long-term ambition is to keep the hotel clean and fresh every day.

Hotel Nova room dark red
  • 90 cm wide beds
  • Wardrobe
  • Seating area with armchair
  • Blackout curtains
  • Workplace
  • Flat screen TV with satellite channels
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Wood floors
  • Modern bathroom with shower or bath
  • Smoking
  • Pets prohibited

Are you going to travel to Karlstad? Do you want to stay in a nice hotel? Do not hesitate to choose Hotel Nova in Karlstad!