Handmade candles – gift tips from Hotel Nova

Even though it is now brightening up, it can be cozy to light a candle that spreads its shimmer in the evening. If you come to the reception at Hotel Nova in Karlstad, you will see a wide selection of handmade candles.

We offer our guests to buy beautiful candles because we believe that nothing creates an equally inviting atmosphere as a living light. The flame of light illuminates the room and creates a calm atmosphere. It can also remove the tension from the body collected during the day. Lighting a candle is a way to create peace and quiet for the soul.

Three interesting information from the history of the candels

Handmade Candle from Sagoljus

That mankind has used some form of light extends very far back in time. We have historical evidence that already in the 500s BC In Rome, it was common to make light of animal fat or tallow.

Eulachon fish - "candlefish"

In northern North America, from Oregon to Alaska, indigenous people used the dried eulachon fish for lighting. The fish is also called “candlefish” which was dried, chopped and then lighted.

Beeswax - candlesmaterial

Producing light from animal fats causes a scary smell during the manufacturing process. During history, in several European countries, light production has been banned because the people who lived in the area have heard their voices because of smelly. As a result, manufacturers have been forced to replace their materials with beeswax.

Unique candles for all occasions

Light sales are a great service for those who want to shop for a unique gift for your loved ones or for yourself. A beautiful light in suitable color and shape can also be a stylish ornament in your home.

Handmade stearincandle from Sagoljus

All candles are hand-made and are manufactured by a craftsman in Sweden under the brand Sagoljus. The material is 100 percent stearin which is a natural product and is considered safe for your health.

Lace on the surface of the candle

Choose from the nice handmade candles from Sagoljus and admire the beautiful tip of the surface when the light burns down.

Gift box to handmade candles - Sagoljus

The gift box, which is always included in the price, raises the whole to an attractive and elegant product.

Please note that our guests are not allowed to light candles in the hotel room due to fire safety!

The entire range of Sagoljus can be found on their website or on Facebook.