X-näs Bowling in Karlstad

Hotel Nova is not entirely alone in the house here at Våxnäs in Karlstad. In the basement floor is the X-näs Bowling.

Bowling as a leisure activity

Bowling is a popular recreational activity among both young and adults. The game is a form of cone sport where the player, by means of a bowling ball, will roll ten set cones which are placed in a triangle at the end of an elongated path.

X-nose Bowling entrance

X-näs Bowling is located on the basement floor of Ventilgatan 1 in Karlstad, right in the same house where Hotel Nova is located.

X-näs Bowling in Karlstad - pitch

Contact information for X-näs Bowling can be found on their website, where you will find additional information about prices and opening hours as well.

If you want to do something fun during your stay at Hotel Nova, we recommend to book a pitch at X-näs Bowling in Karlstad.