Kalvholmen Karlstad – perfect destination for motorsport lovers

Karlstad is a perfect city to experience exciting car or motor racing. Kalvholmens Motorstadion, which is located in the southern part of Karlstad, provides space for several different competitions all year round. Here you can enjoy crosskarts, rallycross and folkraces.

The motor stadium has several tracks that provide the opportunity to compete and / or train at different levels in different age groups.

If you are a motorsport lover and do not want to miss the chance to visit Kalvholmens Motorstadion go to the website of Svensk Bilsport, where you can find more information about the upcoming races.

Kalvholmen Motorstadion in Karlstad

Kalvholmen Karlstad – Crosskart

Crosskart is a car sport that is driven with a small specially built car on the same track as rallycross and folk race. The body is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass or sheet metal. The strong steel tube cage is very safe and protects the driver effectively.

The competitions consist of short, frequent heats of three to four laps depending on the length of the course. After three qualifying rounds, the fastest go on to fi nal. Already at the age of 9 you can start competing in the lowest engine class.

Crosskart Kalvholmen

Kalvholmen Karlstad – Rallycross

Rallycross is a very popular speed race with specially equipped cars on a 1 km long track. A competition consists of one or more heats with five or six cars, where the start is very important. Rallycross cars can be any type and model, but the most common are relatively small car models.

Rallycross is a rather expensive sport because it costs a huge amount to rebuild and trim the car to be suitable for a race. The entire track is seen from the stands and hence Rallycross is a very audience-friendly competition. Both intense and exciting for both drivers and spectators.

Rallycross Karlstad

Folkrace in Kalvholmen

Folkrace is a very popular motorsport in Sweden, which came from Finland about 40 years ago. Folkrace is driven with older ordinary cars on tracks of gravel or asphalt at a speed not exceeding 80 km/h. For safety reasons, the cars must have a safety cage and the driver must have protective equipment that is flameproof and approved for folk races.

Karlstads Motor Club-Bil are organizers of folk races at Kalvholmens Motorstadion. More information can be found about the current events on their Facebook page.

Folkrace in Kalvholmen

Motocross Motorstadion

In addition to Kalvholmens Motorstadion, Karlstad has another popular motor stadium for motocross lovers which is run by Karlstad MX & Enduro. It is located north of Karlstad by road 62.

They have several courses of different character:

  • Small roundabout for small bikes.
  • Activity course for beginners.
  • The enduro track, which is 4.5 km long and contains a forest area, sandy sea and a couple of solid uphills and downhills.
  • Large cross track that is 1740 m long and has large height differences.
Motocross in Karlstad

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a sport that gives you an experience of speed, excitement and adrenaline kicks. The driver should have total control over himself and his engine to get through the track and avoid an accident. Motocross is performed on a track that is either soil, gravel or sandy. The track has a number of curves and jumps that make the race attractive to viewers as well.


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Kalvholmen Motorstadion is only 6 km from Hotell Nova. The driving time by car is about 10 minutes. This means that it is easy to get there on a competition day.

It is also easy to reach Hotel Nova from Enduro Motorstadion because then it only takes 10-12 minutes by car via road 61. An advantage is that you do not have to drive through the whole city to get to the hotel.

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