Attractions in Värmland that you must not miss

There is so much to see and experience in Värmland. In this article, we give tips on several exciting and unique sights in Värmland that you can be inspired by.

The monumental attraction in Värmland – The Picasso Sculpture

The Picasso Sculpture in Kristinehamn is a magnificent statue designed by Picasso and erected by the Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar. The sculpture was inaugurated by the author Bo Setterlind in 1965.

The artwork is open in a magical archipelago environment on a cliff next to Lake Vänern. The size of the statue and the surroundings together make it possible to see it from a distance and from different angles.

The sculpture is much larger than one would expect. It is 15 meters high and 35 tons. The pillar has a diameter of 1.65 meters. At the top of the pillar are two swings with a span of 6 meters. It is interesting that the sculpture gets different patterns depending on how the shadow falls against the statue.

Värmland’s most popular attraction – Rottnerospark

One of Värmland’s most visited attractions is Rottnerospark, a unique sculpture park in Sunne. The park is beautiful, well-kept and relaxing with its flowers, green areas, buildings and statues. Here you will find peace in everyday life.

The park’s founder, Svante Påhlson built up the park according to the description of the area written by Selma Lagerlöf in her novel, Gösta Berling’s saga.

Rottneros Park consists of several different environments and garden rooms, such as Herrgården, Kungens Trädgård, Blomsterträdgården, Dianaparken, m.m. Around each building there are plants and sculptures that give character to the different rooms.

In the park there are about a hundred sculptures and reliefs. Most of them are works by famous Nordic sculptors from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

It is impossible to describe in words the beauty of the park. You have to experience for yourself this probable attraction in Värmland.

Glaskogens nature reserve – attractions in Värmland for nature lovers

Glaskogen is Värmland’s largest nature reserve, covering 28,000 hectares of forest land in a wilderness character. There are a number of lakes with potable water.

Värmland is rich in hiking trails, which also applies to Glaskogen. The nature reserve offers both longer and shorter hiking trips for those who want to experience nature’s sights on foot. All hiking trails are marked in orange and with signs at intersections. Along the trails are windbreaks, overnight cabins and picnic areas.

To paddle over the clean lakes in Glaskogen and enjoy what nature has to offer is outstanding. Here you will find shorter canoe trails of a few hours as well as longer trips with overnight stays.

All practical information to prepare for a trip can be found on Glaskogen’s website.

Outstanding attraction – Värmlands Moose Park

Värmlands Moose Park in Ekshärad is one of the most exciting attractions in Värmland for moose lovers. Here you can take part in a guided tour of the moose park.

Through moose safaris, you have the chance to get to know the moose up close in your natural rural environment. When the moose are so close, you really understand how big they really are and why they are called the king of the forest.

The highlight of the tour is when you get the opportunity to feed and touch the moose. This is an experience like no other.

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