3 beautiful hiking trails in Karlstad

If you long for a nice walk in nature, dress for the day’s weather, pack your backpack and come to Karlstad! There are about 30 different hiking trails in Karlstad municipality that you can hike through.

Karlstad is truly the perfect city for natural experiences. By hiking on a beautiful hiking trail in Karlstad, you should enjoy nature, experience silence and get closer to yourself. Here are three tips on which hiking trails in Karlstad would offer you a real nature experience.

Hiking trail in the center of Karlstad – Marieberg’s beach meadows

One of the beautiful hiking trails in Karlstad municipality is Marieberg’s beach meadows which are located near the city center. It is a bird-rich nature area where the wetland creates a natural environment for wetland birds. More than 180 species have been observed in the area, such as tufted lapwing and yellow eagle.

The walking path starts at Naturum Värmland in Mariebergsskogen. Inside nature, you get knowledge about wildlife and nature through exciting exhibitions that are highly recommended to visit before or after the hike.

In the area there are two bird towers where you can study the birds up close, at the same time you have a fantastic view of the beach meadows. On Marieberg’s beach meadows you can hike either on your own or through a guided tour to get detailed information about bird life.


Mariebergsskogen is Karlstad’s own city park, which is located on Lake Vänern. Here you will find a zoo, playgrounds and bathing areas, open-air museums, cafés and much more. Mariebergsskogen offers experiences for the whole family all year round.

The nature is unique in Mariebergsskogen. The large part of the forest is pine forest with up to 400 year old pine giants. In Värmland you will not find a similar old-growth forest. A large number of walking paths lead through the forest, of which the most popular are Marieberg’s beach meadows.

Frödingleden in Karlstad

Getting through the Frödingleden is an experience where exercise and culture meet. Here you walk past places that appear in Gustaf Fröding’s poetry and tales.

The Frödingleden stretches between Kroppkärrssjön in Karlstad and Alster’s manor. Along the trail there are four bird towers and several nice resting places for rest.

Gustaf Fröding

Gustaf Fröding was born in 1860 at Alster’s manor in Karlstad. He was a Swedish writer, journalist and poet. Fröding often describes the beautiful nature of Värmland in his poems. Beautiful weather is one of his most famous poems that takes place on a summer day in Värmland, by Lake Värmeln.

Alster’s manor, Frödingleden’s only end point

Alster’s manor is located in Alsterdalen which has a fairly rich wildlife. Here are mainly beavers and birds. By hiking on Frödingleden in Karlstad you get a wonderful nature experience.

Kroppkärrssjön, the other end point of the hiking trail in Karlstad

In the middle of Karlstad but still close to nature is Kroppkärrssjön which is a nice bird lake with a swimming area, bird tower and barbecue areas for the joy of many. The area is also popular with recreational anglers.


In the western part of Karlstad is Göteborgsudden, a very popular hiking trail in the area. Sometime during the 19th century, the Gothenburg croft from which the cape got its name was built.

Göteborgsudden can be reached either by car, bus or bicycle. The area is adapted for accessibility, which makes it possible to walk with a pram or wheelchair. At the far end of the headland there is a footbridge over to a small island with a fantastic view of Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake.

Prepare for a nice hike!

During the hike, the weather can be changeable. Dressing layer upon layer principle is recommended. Good to wear hiking boots with good support for the ankle.

You will need a well-packed backpack for the day trip with the following:

  • Food and water
  • A thermos with hot coffee or tea
  • Outerwear that provides protection against rain and wind
  • Band-Aid

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