Celebrate Valborg in Karlstad – overnight at Hotel Nova

In many places around the country, Valborg is celebrated, but Hotel Nova in Karlstad can highly recommend getting to the Mariebergsskogen, which is the most popular city park in Karlstad and offers a pleasant and exciting Valborg evening.

Valborg – the first spring party in Sweden – is a very old feast, which came from Germany during the Middle Ages. Valborgs evening falls on April 30th and is celebrated by lighting large fireplaces outdoors to clean out the winter once and for all. Many see Valborg as a symbol of spring and light.

Mariebergsskogen is a very popular excursion destination among tourists and locals alike. Here you will find Naturum Värmland, the zoo Lillskogen and the round trip train. There are always lots of fun activities to choose from, so it is certain that large and small people will enjoy the park. More information about Mariebergsskogen is available here.

Naturum Värmland

Naturum Värmland

At Naturum Värmland you will find out more about the animals, plants, geology and cultural history that form the area around Karlstad.



Besides that Lillskogen is a zoo where visitors can come to look at typical Swedish farm animals, the park is also a gene bank for eight Swedish country breeds.

Tour train

Tour train

The travelers are offered an exciting, guided tour along small roads and paths. Through the train journey you can discover the beautiful nature with the forest and water, the cultural houses and the Lillskogen with all the animals.

Valborg celebration

Valborg celebration April 30, 2019 Mariebergsskogen

  • The celebration starts at. 19.30 with welcome greeting on the lawn at Acksjön’s chapel.
  • Majbrasan lights up about 20.15
  • Food and drinks
  • Guided food tour

Experience the Valborg celebration in Mariebergsskogen, then relax at Hotel Nova in Karlstad! We guarantee a high level of our services to make you feel at home.

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